Sunday, December 31, 2017


Happy New Year's Eve! As 2017 closes its sleepy eyes, I have a few literary updates to share with you, dear friends.

I'm extremely honored to announce my poems appear recently in three wonderful publications!

Common Threads, the annual anthology published by the Ohio Poetry Association to showcase the work of its members, published two of my poems: "Paradigm for Unraveling" and "Sometimes, Ordinary."  A big thanks to Steve Abbott, editor, for the opportunity to appear in Common Thread's pages. The Ohio Poetry Association supports poets with publications, readings, contests, workshops, and more. You can check out their website here, and OPA's blog here.

Chiron Review, published by Michael Hathaway, arrived in my mailbox this past week with three of my poems between its covers:  "Hagiography," "The Same River Twice," and "Illumination."  Chiron Review is a truly handsome journal.  You can check out the website at

and Oct Tongue 2, a magnificent anthology from Crisis Chronicles Press, long anticipated and exceeding all expectations. John Burroughs, editor/publisher, did a beautiful job with it. Oct Tongue 2 is comprised of eight sections, each section authored by a poet who wrote a poem-a-day during the month of October, 2014. The other poets who participated are Kathleen Cerveny, Juliet Cook, Mark Sebastian Jordan, George Wallace, Margaret Bashaar, Eric Anderson, and Lyn Lifshin. Their poems are, as you would expect them to be, simply brilliant.

My section of thirty-one poems contains several "bookend" poems, looking at things from two different perspectives, and three "moon" poems where I play with the shape of letters to express the moon's changing appearance. Although about a fourth of the poems have been published in various journals and anthologies, this is the first time the collection has appeared intact; I think of my section as Two Moons Over Ohio. You can check it out and get your very own copy directly from Crisis Chronicles Press here!  (And yes, there was an Oct Tongue 1...check it out here.)

Much love and gratitude to all the editors who accepted and published my work this past year, and to the hosts of reading series, bookstores, and libraries, who invited me to come and share my poetry. To those of you who buy my books and read my poetry, please know how very much I appreciate you, now and always.

Image result for happy new year 2018 gif

It's exciting to think of 2018 and all the things that might. await in the coming months. Solid plans include:

Attending the opening of Lit Youngstown's Words Made Visible at the Soap Gallery in Youngstown, Ohio, on February 3 (2 pm to 5 pm).  My poem "Train, Loud, Lonesome, Leaving Without Me" will be on display as a broadside (designed by the Cranky Pressman).

Dressing one of the windows at Apple Tree Books in Cleveland Heights for April's National Poetry Month with NightBallet Press titles. The emphasis will be on Ohio poets.

Participating as a reader in Kleft Crisis 2018, a three day extravaganza of poetry (details

A trip to Kansas City in April for a Fountainverse feature reading with John Burroughs (and others to be announced). Details forthcoming. It will be my first time heading that far west since 2015.

On the non-literary front, I plan to curl up at home tonight with my husband James, our two dogs Bodhi and Angelo, and the big Red Lobster platter of shrimp cocktail we've ordered, to watch the ball drop on television.

However you plan to spend this evening, whatever plans you have for tomorrow and in the New Year, please stay warm and safe, and know that I'm sending love and light your way. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017



 This autumn is going to be busy...and filled with beauty! 

First up, on Friday, October 13, I'll be heading to Frostburg, Maryland, for the 11th Annual Western Maryland Independent Literature Festival, where NightBallet Press will participate with a display of tasty titles. Ohio poets will be well-represented by their books; other featured categories include Beat-Era, African-American Storytellers, LGBTQ, and Outlaw. It's a vibrant, well-attended festival with readings, panels, and roving groups of editors and publishers. On Saturday, October 14, at 2:00 pm, I'll be feature reading my own poetry, along with Crisis Chronicles Press founder John Burroughs. I'm really looking forward to the drive there and's the height of the change-of-seasons for the trees, and it was like driving through liquid gold last year.

Then, a week later, on Saturday, October 21, I'll be driving to Alliance, Ohio, for a featured reading at the Rodman Public Library, hosted by Byrun C. Reed. I'm honored and thrilled to be joining Molly Fuller, Mary Biddinger, Steve Brightman, Azriel Johnson, and Noor Hindi, and I can't wait to hear everyone's poems! 

November sees me cranking into high gear with three poetry events:

On Wednesday, November 8, I'll be "sitting in the window" at Apple Tree Books in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to celebrate NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Hosted by Jane Rothstein, I'll be there from 2 pm to 4 pm, writing my poetry "live and in person" for the passing public. Stop in, chat with me, and check out the wonderful Apple Tree bookstore!

Saturday, November 18 will find me driving down to Main Street Books in Mansfield, Ohio, for the last-ever Borderlands: Poetry on the Edge gathering at 2 pm.  Host Mark Jordan has said this popular (and one of my favorite) poetry series is ending...but it will go out with quite a bang!  Crisis Chronicles Press will co-emcee the long-awaited, long-anticipated release of Oct Tongue 2.  Five of the eight poets published in Oct Tongue 2 will be feature reading:  moi, Kathleen Cerveny, Margaret Bashaar, Juliet Cook, and Mark Jordan. The bookstore is a gem, and Llalan Fowler, who runs it, polishes it beautifully. Be sure to check out the "Ohio writers" shelves.

Then, right after Thanksgiving, on Monday, November 27, I'll be featured reader at Ohio's longest running poetry series The Poetry Forum at Bossy Grrls Pin-Up Joint, 7 pm, in Columbus, Ohio.  Hosted by Steve Abbott, I'll have two sets of readings during the evening, and I plan to do the two sets totally differently.  It's a relaxed, welcoming venue, and I can't wait to see everyone again!

The main thing in all of this is that I'll get to be with a lot of fun, fabulous, and very talented writers and friends, with whom I can share poetry, laughter, and beer.  I can't wait! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Borsenik's 2017 Boldly Going Car Trek Poetry Tour!

(photo by Jeanette Powers, 2016)
With summer coming fast upon us, I'm announcing
Borsenik's 2017 Boldly Going Car Trek Poetry Tour!

I'm spaced out about poetry, and I have a number of new pieces, written over this tumultuous past year. Some poems are actually about space.  Outer.  Inner.  Making.  Taking.  The space between us all.  (Yes, I'm referencing "Within You, Without You," one of my very favorite songs of all time.) 

Of course, I shall continue to be irreverent and naughty.

The following is a list of dates and venues where I'll be powered by poetry!

I'd love to hook up with all y'all for some summer grooviness, with poetry and hugs abounding!  The good times are gonna be...out of this world!

See the Upcoming Events page on this blog for the details about each event. 
(update, August 7, 2017: the events here have been completed, and were a blast!)
Tuesday, June 6 -- Words and Wine -- Rider's Inn --Painesville, OH
Saturday, June 10 -- The Killer Bs of Poetry Sting Sandusky! -- Mr. Smith's Coffee House -- Sandusky, OH
Thursday, June 15 -- A Decade of Poets! 10 Features -- Mac's Backs -- Cleveland Heights, OH
Saturday, July 8 -- 2017 Summer Festival of the Arts -- Youngstown, OH -- Kilcawley Center, Y.S.U
Saturday, August 5 -- 11am to 5pm -- Book & Zine Fair at the Indie Lit Fest
Saturday, August 5 -- 2pm to 4pm -- Sidewalk Pulp reading at the Indie Lit Fest
Saturday, August 5 -- 7pm -- Speakeasy reading at the Indie Lit Fest -- Michigan City, IN
Sunday, August 13 -- Workshop "Punch the Envelope: How to Make an Editor Notice Your Work" -- Toledo, OH
Sunday, August 13 -- Poetry Uncloistered -- Calvino's Wine Bar -- Toledo, OH
Friday, September 8 -- The Second Friday Fete -- Mikey's Late Night Slice -- Columbus, OH
Saturday, October 14 -- Frostburg Indie Lit Fest -- Frostburg, MD
Saturday, October 21 -- Rodman Public Library -- Alliance, OH

(update, August 7, 2017: the events here are upcoming, and are going to be a blast!)

Wednesday, November 8 -- Apple Tree Books -- Cleveland Heights, OH

Saturday, November 18 -- Poetry on the Edge with Oct Tongue 2 release --Mansfield, OH

Monday, November 27 -- The Poetry Forum -- Columbus, OH

Saturday, April 1, 2017

5th Not-Exactly-Annual Haiku Death Match! The Strawberry Stormbringer!

It's National Poetry Month, and this time next week, I'll be flexing my creative muscles and preparing for battle in the
5th Not-Exactly-Annual Haiku Death Match!

The Haiku Death Match, sponsored by Heights Arts Collaborative, Inc., will be held at the Dobama Theater, 2340 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH, on Saturday, April 8, 2017, at 7 P.M.!

In this Death Match, eight poets will fiercely compete against each other with haiku (meditative, seventeen-syllable poems): "the audience votes for the poems they like best, competitors are eliminated, and the last poet standing is the winner. It's poetry, theater, talent show, and a jousting match rolled into one." 

"The poets in the ring will have to fight hard for the trophy.  In the first half of the Death Match, poets will read their contemporary haiku on the subjects: personal relationships, politics, animals in our life, the daily grind, and all things Cleveland.  Poets with the hightest scores advance to the second half, in which they will read only classical, nature -oriented haiku.  The winner of the classical round is declared the 2017 Haiku Death Math Master."

My competitive warrior name is the Strawberry Stormbringer, and I will be going up against some worthy and intimidating adversaries. Oh yes, and their blades will be wicked-sharp, I'm certain!  But the Stormbringer intends to huff, and puff, and blow down their houses!

"Returning champions and contestants include Dianne Borsenik, poet and founder of NightBallet Press, Michael Ceraolo, retired firefighter/paramedic and writer, Celeste McCarty, artist and performer, Ray McNiece, actor, poet, and former Haiku Death Match champion, Mary Turzillo, poet, science fiction writer, and fencing champion, Geoffrey Landis, NASA physicist, poet, and science fiction writer.  A few Death Match 'virgins' have entered the fray as well, including Christine Donofrio, artist, writer, and film maker, and Cordelia Eddy, 'zine writer and East Coast ex-pat."

(Quotes are from the event posting at Heights Arts.)

You can make a difference by voting for your favorite competitor through a donation to the cause, or you can buy a ticket and become a part of the Haiku Death Match by audience!  The funds will help raise money to support Heights Arts Poet Laureate program and its Ekphrastacy series.  Tickets ($15) can be purchased at the door, or online at Heights Arts.

This amazing and entertaining event will blaze across the Dobama stage next Saturday night...please come and support me, and join in the fun and fury of the 5th Not-Exactly-Annual Haiku Death Match!  I'd truly love to see you there!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Age of Aquarius Is Nominated for the Ohioana Book Award!

This morning, I am honored and thrilled by the news that Crisis Chronicles Press editor/publisher John Burroughs has nominated my book, Age of Aquarius: Collected Poems 1981- 2016, for the esteemed Ohioana Book Award! 

Ohioana Library, based in Columbus, Ohio, is dedicated to "Collecting, Preserving, and Celebrating Ohio Literature."  Ohioana gives the Ohioana Book Awards for outstanding books published each year in the  categories of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, juvenile literature, young adult literature, and books about Ohio or an Ohioan.

Tony Moffeit, the co-founder of the Outlaw Poetry Movement and winner of the Jack Kerouac Award for his volume of poetry Pueblo Blues, had this to say about Age of Aquarius:

“Age of Aquarius…is a gem…celebrating in poetry the popular culture Age of Aquarius as well as [the] zodiac sign, Aquarius. The title poem begins the volume ecstatically, charging the book with a special energy. The marvelous energy is continued in the poem, Disco, with the opening lines Earth. Air.  Fire.  Water./These are sequins/in the eternal disco. The eternal dance is continued in the poem Lovechild, with the ending lines chase the clouds/and catch them/then laugh!/and drink the rain. Continuing the incredible energy in a different kind of way is my personal favorite, Bad, Inc., an outlaw howl that begins with I keep bad company my posse is wild at heart and builds and builds to an exciting finish. The book is delicious! Hip! Sexy! Politically astute!...It is profound and it is fun!...Congratulations on a superb collected works!”

Many thanks to John Burroughs (a remarkable man, gifted poet and performer, and dedicated publisher) for nominating my book.  I am truly grateful and humbled by his confidence in my work.  Much gratitude to Tony Moffeit for taking the time to read and review Age of Aquarius. I appreciate everyone who has read, published, commented on, or otherwise supported my poetry. 

If you should wish to get your very own signed copy of Age of Aquarius, just click on the link HERE (Amazon).  And thank you!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wallowing in Poetry: Next Week, Tim Staley and Indie Fest Maryland!

This weekend, I'm feverishly preparing for two looming mega-events: 

Wednesday, October 12, at 7 pm at Mac's Backs in Cleveland Heights, New Mexico performance poet Tim Staley arrives for his first Cleveland reading!  I'm honored to be sharing the stage with this dynamic and engaging poet, and I'm proud to say that NightBallet Press will be publishing a new book for him, The Most Honest Syllable Is Shhh, next year.  As for me, I'm working on some new and different material for the event, wink, wink.  Join us for a delectable evening: a jug of wine, a loaf of cookies, poetry and thou...what could be better?

Then, on Friday, October 14, NightBallet Press will be road-tripping to (and participating in) the storied Indie Fest in Frostburg, Maryland!  John Burroughs of Crisis Chronicles Press and Dianne Borsenik of NightBallet Press will be bringing Ohio to the campus of Frostburg University, along with books by Lyn Lifshin, George Wallace, Margie Shaheed, R. A. Washington, Alex Gildzen, Bonné de Blas, Jim Lang, Christopher Franke, D. R. Wagner, M. J. Arcangelini, and many, many more!  This event continues on Saturday, October 15, from 10 am t 6 pm.  Take time to stop by the tables and smell the sweet wafts of poetry plattered thereon!

Yes, it's gonna be a blast!  Join me in this whirlwind week of poetry, won't you?


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Buffalo! Bocchicchio! Burroughs & Borsenik! and Hertneky! Reading in Cleveland!

This coming Friday, September 24, 2016, the Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective from Buffalo joins forces with local poets Burroughs & Borsenik and Bocchicchio to present a very special evening of fun, friendship, and word-slinging!

Where?  Mac's Backs Paperbacks, 1820 Covington Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
When?   6:30pm to 9:30pm Friday September 24, 2016
Who?    This "Small Press Poets Read Their Poems" reading will feature:

Nathanael William Stolte
Julio Montalvo Valentin
Mistral Khan-Becerra
Joseph Bocchicchio
Dianne Borsenik
John Burroughs
One surprise poet!

Aaaand, as a special treat, there will be an appearance by author Paul Hertneky. Paul is on tour for his new book Rust Belt Boy: Stories of an American Childhood.

John is the editor in chief of Crisis Chronicles Press.

Dianne is the creative genius behind the expansive NightBallet Press

Nathanael, Misty, & Julio are CWPCollective Press

This rare event is not to be missed...all this and it's free!  It will only be made more wonderful by your being there, so do join us, won't you? <3

Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Poems Just in Time for Words & Wine!

I've written three new poems since my trip to Buffalo two weeks ago!  Since I'm not normally a prolific writer, I'm inordinately pleased about having three new poems in such a short span of time, and just in time for my feature reading this coming Tuesday, August 2, for Words & Wine in Painesville, Ohio!

Who, When, Where:

Words & Wine w/ Dianne Borsenik
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
6:30 PM
Bistro 70
70 N. St. Clair St.
Painesville, OH

hosts Margie Delong and Tobin Terry

Words & Wine is one of my very favorite reading series: the atmosphere is groovy, the audience delightful, the hosts charming.  I can't wait to read in the new venue, Bistro 70! 

I'd love it if you could join us for a night of poetry, great friendship, sweet wine, and tasty vittles.  I'll have my new book, Age of Aquarius: Collected Poems 1981 - 2016 with me, and if you buy one, I'll give you a free copyyour choiceof either Corpus Lingua (my chapbook about getting older, my relationship with James, and memories of my hippie days) or Bad Ink (my audacious, irreverent, naughty, sexy, profane chapbook)! 

As for the three new poemsa skinny poem, a haibun, and a free verse featuring the Thursday Word of the Day, virguleWords & Wine will be the first place I've read them aloud. I've already submitted two of them (one to Rattle, one to Slipstream), and I'm working on getting the third one out.  I'll also read some of my "Road Tripping" poems from the Kansas City trip last April, and I'll be reading from Age of Aquarius.  The theme of the reading?  Sin, Sweat, Summer!

This Tuesday, it's a poetry roundup in Painesville! Why not ride on out, grab some grub, cop a squat, and hang with (pun intended, lol) some mighty fine folks for an evening of poetry, food, and fellowship?  It's gonna be beautiful!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Burning for Buffalo!

I'm honored and excited to be performing my poetry this coming Wednesday at Burning Books in Buffalo, NY, alongside best friend and road trip partner John Burroughs, NBP poet extraordinaire Joey Nicoletti, and our friend from Snoetry, George Guida!

We'll be reading from
5 pm to 6:30 pm at
Burning Books,
420 Connecticut Street
Buffalo, NY

(photo courtesy of Burning Books Facebook page)

I'll be reading from my new collection, Age of Aquarius, as well as some poems from my completed manuscript Raga for What Comes Next (which is actively looking for a home). 

And as editor and publisher of NightBallet Press, I'll be releasing Joey's new chapbook Counterfeit Moon at the reading!

(cover photo by Geoffrey Landis)

I'd be thrilled to see you there!  Please join us as we shake the rafters and fan the flames of poetry at Burning Books!