Wednesday, October 4, 2017



 This autumn is going to be busy...and filled with beauty! 

First up, on Friday, October 13, I'll be heading to Frostburg, Maryland, for the 11th Annual Western Maryland Independent Literature Festival, where NightBallet Press will participate with a display of tasty titles. Ohio poets will be well-represented by their books; other featured categories include Beat-Era, African-American Storytellers, LGBTQ, and Outlaw. It's a vibrant, well-attended festival with readings, panels, and roving groups of editors and publishers. On Saturday, October 14, at 2:00 pm, I'll be feature reading my own poetry, along with Crisis Chronicles Press founder John Burroughs. I'm really looking forward to the drive there and's the height of the change-of-seasons for the trees, and it was like driving through liquid gold last year.

Then, a week later, on Saturday, October 21, I'll be driving to Alliance, Ohio, for a featured reading at the Rodman Public Library, hosted by Byrun C. Reed. I'm honored and thrilled to be joining Molly Fuller, Mary Biddinger, Steve Brightman, Azriel Johnson, and Noor Hindi, and I can't wait to hear everyone's poems! 

November sees me cranking into high gear with three poetry events:

On Wednesday, November 8, I'll be "sitting in the window" at Apple Tree Books in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to celebrate NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Hosted by Jane Rothstein, I'll be there from 2 pm to 4 pm, writing my poetry "live and in person" for the passing public. Stop in, chat with me, and check out the wonderful Apple Tree bookstore!

Saturday, November 18 will find me driving down to Main Street Books in Mansfield, Ohio, for the last-ever Borderlands: Poetry on the Edge gathering at 2 pm.  Host Mark Jordan has said this popular (and one of my favorite) poetry series is ending...but it will go out with quite a bang!  Crisis Chronicles Press will co-emcee the long-awaited, long-anticipated release of Oct Tongue 2.  Five of the eight poets published in Oct Tongue 2 will be feature reading:  moi, Kathleen Cerveny, Margaret Bashaar, Juliet Cook, and Mark Jordan. The bookstore is a gem, and Llalan Fowler, who runs it, polishes it beautifully. Be sure to check out the "Ohio writers" shelves.

Then, right after Thanksgiving, on Monday, November 27, I'll be featured reader at Ohio's longest running poetry series The Poetry Forum at Bossy Grrls Pin-Up Joint, 7 pm, in Columbus, Ohio.  Hosted by Steve Abbott, I'll have two sets of readings during the evening, and I plan to do the two sets totally differently.  It's a relaxed, welcoming venue, and I can't wait to see everyone again!

The main thing in all of this is that I'll get to be with a lot of fun, fabulous, and very talented writers and friends, with whom I can share poetry, laughter, and beer.  I can't wait! 

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