Sunday, December 4, 2016

Age of Aquarius Is Nominated for the Ohioana Book Award!

This morning, I am honored and thrilled by the news that Crisis Chronicles Press editor/publisher John Burroughs has nominated my book, Age of Aquarius: Collected Poems 1981- 2016, for the esteemed Ohioana Book Award! 

Ohioana Library, based in Columbus, Ohio, is dedicated to "Collecting, Preserving, and Celebrating Ohio Literature."  Ohioana gives the Ohioana Book Awards for outstanding books published each year in the  categories of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, juvenile literature, young adult literature, and books about Ohio or an Ohioan.

Tony Moffeit, the co-founder of the Outlaw Poetry Movement and winner of the Jack Kerouac Award for his volume of poetry Pueblo Blues, had this to say about Age of Aquarius:

“Age of Aquarius…is a gem…celebrating in poetry the popular culture Age of Aquarius as well as [the] zodiac sign, Aquarius. The title poem begins the volume ecstatically, charging the book with a special energy. The marvelous energy is continued in the poem, Disco, with the opening lines Earth. Air.  Fire.  Water./These are sequins/in the eternal disco. The eternal dance is continued in the poem Lovechild, with the ending lines chase the clouds/and catch them/then laugh!/and drink the rain. Continuing the incredible energy in a different kind of way is my personal favorite, Bad, Inc., an outlaw howl that begins with I keep bad company my posse is wild at heart and builds and builds to an exciting finish. The book is delicious! Hip! Sexy! Politically astute!...It is profound and it is fun!...Congratulations on a superb collected works!”

Many thanks to John Burroughs (a remarkable man, gifted poet and performer, and dedicated publisher) for nominating my book.  I am truly grateful and humbled by his confidence in my work.  Much gratitude to Tony Moffeit for taking the time to read and review Age of Aquarius. I appreciate everyone who has read, published, commented on, or otherwise supported my poetry. 

If you should wish to get your very own signed copy of Age of Aquarius, just click on the link HERE (Amazon).  And thank you!

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