Raga for What Comes Next (Stubborn Mule Press, 2019), is Borsenik's most recent collection of poems. Of the poems, singer-songwriter Alex Bevans writes: "I have been enjoying the poetry immensely ... I started plowing through Sitar* ... then went back and read things slowly and digestively ... more often than not I found a sequence of words would stop me and I would think "Oh my ... this belongs in a song" ... or find myself daydreaming a whole storyline from that snippet. It truly is an excellent, excellent work ... full of insight, passion, and humor combined with the integrity of a poet who celebrates the human condition with every syllable. BRAVO!"

Raga for What Comes Next, 69 pg., $15 plus $4 shipping


Age of Aquarius (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2016) contains Borsenik's most requested and acclaimed poems (her "greatest hits") from the past 35 years of her writing career. Of the 133 poems on 150 pages, all but 7 have been previously published in various journals, anthologies, magazines, newspapers, broadsides, and online. From the title poem "Age of Aquarius" to the popular performance pieces "Incontinence," "Fortune Cookie," "HardDrive/SoftWear," and "Lovechild," to the poem that makes grown men gasp ("Trick Whore Treat," proved again in Kansas City this past weekend), to her "bad ink" and "thunderclap amen," Age of Aquarius is Borsenik's defining body of work to date.

Check out this review from Tony Moffeit, co-founder of the Outlaw Poetry Movement, winner of the Jack Kerouac Award for his volume of poetry, Pueblo Blues:

"Got your great new book with electric energy and sensational poetry, AGE OF AQUARIUS, COLLECTED POEMS 1981-2016. It's a gem. I love your theme, celebrating in poetry the popular culture Age of Aquarius as well as your own zodiac sign, Aquarius. The title poem begins the volume ecstatically, charging the book with a special energy. The marvelous energy is continued in the poem, "Disco," with the opening lines "Earth.  Air.  Fire.  Water./These are sequins/in the eternal disco." The eternal dance is continued in the poem, "Lovechild," with the ending lines "chase the clouds/and catch them/then laugh!/and drink the rain".  Continuing the incredible energy in a different kind of way is my personal favorite, "Bad, Inc.", an outlaw howl that begins with "I keep bad company my posse is wild at heart" and builds and builds to an exciting finish. Other favorites are your poems to a variety of popular culture artists,  Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, David Bowie, and the brilliant poem about Frank Sinatra, "Frankie's Too Cool." And, the poem "Cleveland Spelled Backward Is" is an astonishing poem. I love the idea "DNA Level C" and the magnificent language with which you deal with it. I also love the fact that d.a. levy's name is also intertwined in "DNA Level C." The book is delicious! Hip! Sexy! Politically astute! I love the variety of forms, styles, and subjects of poetry! It is a book I will return to again and again! It is profound and it is fun! I will end by saying the cover art is outstanding and fits perfectly the Age of Aquarius. And that the acknowledgments at the end describing dates in which the poems were written as well as places of publication is phenomenal! Congratulations on a superb collected works!"

On Amazon, this book would cost you $15 plus shipping, but I'm offering Age of Aquarius from my website for my friends for only $10 plus shipping! 

Oct Tongue 2 is an eclectic collection of poems by Dianne Borsenik, Lyn Lifshin, George Wallace, Eric Anderson, Kathleen Cerveny, Juliet Cook, Margaret Bashaar and Mark Sebastian Jordan, written over the thirty-one days of October, 2014. Borsenik's poems include "Spinal Fusion," "China Renaissance," "Everybody Must Get Stoned," and "Flower Power." This book is divided into sections, and contains at least thirty-one poems from each poet, making it a whopping 328 pages! It's like getting eight books in one! Only $15.
Published by Crisis Chronicles Press, 2017

Blue Graffiti (Crisis Chronicles Press) is a 34-page collection of Dianne Borsenik's haiku/senryu, including both the traditional and modern forms.  Published July 7, 2011, each copy has a different endpaper, making each book unique.

get your copy now
only eight dollars total
you won't be sorry

Fortune Cookie (Kattywompus Press, 2012) contains 15 poems, ranging from Borsenik's city poem "Got Soul" ("Cities have souls too, you know") and "Thaumaturgy" ("Walking on water- that's not so tough") to her performance pieces "Fortune Cookie" ("Fortune, smile upon this blue-eyed, tie-dyed, cloudy-skied wild child") and "Incontinence" ("Oh my god- you're leaking!"). Break open your very own Fortune Cookie for only $14! (I have only a few copies left.)

Thunderclap Amen (Crisis Chroncles Press, 2015) is the third in Crisis Chronicles' NineSense series, and contains the poems "Mother Tongue," "Polar Vortex," "Karma CafĂ©," "Around the Block," "Let's Get It On," "Cue Brick, or How I Learned to Stop Loving the Bomb and Start Worrying,"S No More," "Happy Hour," and "Transcending Gender."  Editor John Burroughs says "Thunderclap Amen features 24 pages of fiery work that challenges even the coldest February on record in northern Ohio.  As you would expect, Borsenik's blazing poetic tongue triumphs."  Get your Amen on by ordering your copy for $8. (I have only a few copies left.)

Bad Ink, 2nd edition (Writing Knights Press, 2013-2015) contains four more poems than the 1st edition:  "Pink Hell," "Pink Heaven," "Tiempo de Fiesta," and "Downing Liquor." The poems are, in turns, shocking, erotic, irreverent, witty and wise. Borsenik "litters the floor with sawdust verses" in this collection of "bad ink."  Only $8! (I have only a few copies left.)

Corpus Lingua (The Poet's Haven, 2014), featuring Borsenik's husband James on the cover, was written over the course of a month in 2013 as part of the Writer's Digest poem-a-day challenge. Using the prompts suggested by Robert Lee Brewer, and using parts of the body as guidelines, these acrostic poems reveal the private daily thoughts of a woman who's "Bad to the Bone," "Developing a Refined Palate," and "Always Going Nuts." Only $7! 

Cravings (recycled karma press, 2012) is a delight to behold, as each copy is lovingly hand-crafted with special Japanese paper and the original designs of Heather Schmidt.  Containing 23 poems of the different kinds of desire, including "One Peachy Day," "One Small Step," " Stopping by Bar on a Rainy Evening," and " Wet," this book is a steal at $12.00! (I have only a few copies left.)

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